Avenida and Girona, Again Favorites

Avenida and Girona, Again Favorites

The preseason begins and with it one more season of the Women’s Basketball League. In this 2016-2017 academic year, the Perfumerías Avenida de Salamanca and the Spar Citylift Girona, although their teams have changed a lot, will once again be the top favourites in the fight for the titles. Perfumeries Avenidam As for several years now, the maximum reference in Spanish women’s basketball, the team to beat, and the only Spanish representative in the Euroleague.

A team led by Miguel Ángel Ortega, with some change in the coaching staff and in search of recovering a philosophy somewhat lost in the Salamanca team in recent years. The fight, the delivery, the work, and the defensive intensity will be those characteristic notes that are sought.

With a large squad, in which there is an interesting mix of talented young people and already experienced players, Avenida will look for that long-awaited triplet. From the track the team will be directed and captained by Silvia Domínguez, one of the leaders of last season will once again be a key player in the team. Along with her in the base position, a player with quite similar characteristics and who is positively surprising in the WNBA, the American Erica Wheeler. We will see who ends up with the starting position.

In the guard position, he has the veteran, speed, and leadership of Chrissy Givens, a player who will complement very well with his partner Angela Salvadores. Little to say about Angela, one of the great hopes of Spanish basketball, a spectacular present and a great future in the elite, a year to continue consolidating and learning. They will complete the exterior in the position of forwarding Gabi Marginean, a player who continues in the team and will continue to contribute her strength and claw, and another young woman who is already standing out as the Olympic medalist Laura Quevedo. These last two players could also help inside if at any time it was necessary.

Avenida returns to bet on young Spaniards like Quevedo, Salvadores, or Gil (Photo: EFE) The Salamanca team will have a very interesting and contrasting interior. It will be formed by the Cup and League MVP, Adaora Elonu, a power forward who can also play at 3, fast but at the same time strong under the rings and with a good middle-distance hand. Also in the power forward will have Laura Gil, a young man with great strength and intensity who returns to the club. Serbian Jelena Milovanovic can play both in numbers 4 and 5, a good hand from afar and who has made some good Olympics. The team towers will be Tijana Krivacevic and Kristine Vitola.

Spar Citylift Girona The Girona team despite having a very young squad is the main candidate to fight for the titles against the Salamanca team, although it is not yet known who will play the Super Cup against the charras. The Catalan team will also play European competition again, but this time in Eurocup. A young squad and a young conductor, Eric Suris will train for the first time in the Women’s League.

In the base position, the captain, the tireless, the moral leader, and on the field of the team Noemí Jordana. She will be accompanied by the very young Julia Garriga, still a junior player, but in whom the Catalan team has great hopes for the future. Jordana and Buch will share a team this year. (Photo: A.Domínguez / Huelva Information)

In the outer positions, two high-level players stand out, young, talented, two players with a lot of magic and who will undoubtedly make Fontajau enjoy such as Rosó Buch, who could also help the point guard, and Leonor Rodríguez. In addition, they will be accompanied by two even younger players who have stood out in the lower teams, Ainhoa López and Helena Oma.

Leo Rodríguez, a key piece of the new Girona (Photo: Robin Townsend / EFE) Within the Girona team, we find very versatile players. We started with two players who renewed and who were among the best last season, they are Ify Ibekwe who will also help in the forward position and Artemis Spanou.

Also, a player who will begin her third season in LF and has not stopped growing since she arrived, Haley Peters will also be able to see her play as both forward and power forward. In the pivot positions, we will see a Sofía Silva who takes a great leap in quality totally won and deserved, which will be accompanied by the tallest player in the Women’s League, the Lithuanian Kristina Alminaite with 2.05m.

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