Blogging Trends To Look Out for This

Blogging Trends To Look Out for This

In the human world, it is a common tradition to make predictions about the coming year when the current year is about to come to an end. Since the birth of the internet and the wildfire-like spread of social media networks and blogs; economies, industries, and individual people as well all over the world have become dependent on it for setting trends. Being up to date with trends can ultimately make or break a company. Here are three of the biggest blogging trends to look out for this 2014.

Twitter Takes Down Facebook as King of the Hill

Every year for the last 300 years (exaggerated) analysts have talked about this, we have talked about this, probably the green alien species that are watching our every move (oh crap!) has talked about this.  But has it happened? No! Even though they said this last year, let’s say it again: Facebook will be overthrown by Twitter in 2014! Woohoo!

Kidding aside, it’s actually coming true. Statistics have shown that more and more people are opting out the biggest giant in the social networking category and moving on to Twitter. Most of these disloyal abandoners are in the teen’s age bracket. So why have they betrayed the one blue-themed social site for another? It’s simple: Twitter is stealthier! Under the radar operations such as partying instead of going to school is harder to detect on Twitter than it is on Facebook. Another reason for jumping ship is the drama. Facebook just has too much of it and it’s #annoying!

Twitter is also going public this coming year and predictions are going nuts out there as the 7-year-old company will be in the spotlight. Though some see it in a positive light, there are also those who have nothing better to do aside from being negative. Point is, Facebook better watch its back because Twitter’s got a knife – no, a shotgun – and is ready to use it.

Videos are the Next BIG thing

“Yeah, yeah I already know this blah blah!,” or “Come on, give me something new like flash to html5 conversion blah blah!”, those are the thoughts that managed to get into your head when you read the title of the second trend, and there’s no use in denying it so don’t. This is where I’m supposed to tell you that you’re wrong and you shouldn’t complete my sentences; but how can I when you’re absolutely right?! As bloggers and normal people, we have seen, heard, and experienced the power of online videos — all of us have. Yes, videos are still the next big thing and it will be for quite some time. Imagine that, you were actually right!

YouTube uploads over a hundred hours of videos every hour and it’s only getting bigger! Other video sites that offer the potential for going viral such as Vines and Instagram also prove that videos are not going to stop trending anytime soon. People love laughing at the expense of others, they also love inspirational messages and of course, people love seeing other people in the nude. All of these they find on internet videos. It’s unstoppable!

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