Communities Realize the Importance of Character Education

Communities Realize the Importance of Character Education

Schools are waking up to the fact that they have a chance to give the next generation the gift of character, and many are enlisting the help of their communities in this task. In turn, communities are realizing that character education produces responsible, caring, productive young people ready for the real world of work and family, and businesses are discovering that character education can develop the honest, hardworking, self-motivated workers they need to survive in today’s marketplace.

Dr Philip Fitch Vincent’s keynotes can speak to the heart of a community, and can inspire people to support and work for character education in their children’s schools.“Your message was inspirational and offered many useful suggestions for dealing with our youth.”Yvette Mack, Abstinence Education Program Coordinator. His message has found a home in communities and community organizations from coast to coast. Two such communities are Hamilton County (city of Chattanooga), Tennessee, and Wake County, NC, both of which have implemented character education programs and won national awards for them. Find out more about these successful programs.

Dr Vincent has played a key role in many of these community initiatives. And his wise and witty perspective has been sought after by many companies and organizations looking to take the lead in their own cities and counties. Contact CDG today to find out more.

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