Concept Keep in Mind Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

Concept Keep in Mind Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

Fire is a devastating occurrence for many reasons. In extreme cases, it can not only result in the loss of lives but it can also cause various forms of damage to the structure it occurred in. Once the smoke has cleared, the next step in picking up the pieces is to deal with the fire and smoke damage by engaging in repair efforts. The following presents a few important concepts to keep in mind prior to and during the fire and smoke damage repair.

Insurance Coverage Issues

Before laying a single finger on the premises in the way of fire and smoke damage repair, it is crucial to get the go-ahead from your insurance company. Hopefully, as a homeowner or business owner, you will have a comprehensive insurance policy in full effect which will pay some if not all of the cost for repairing the damage. When you become involved with the insurance company it is important to stay in constant contact with your appraiser. They have certain conditions that they will expect to be met on any repairs made before they will release payments.

Choosing a Contractor to Fix the Damage

Once the insurance issues have been considered and ironed out, the next step is to choose a contractor to commence with the fire and smoke damage repairs. Depending on where you live, there will most likely be a wide array of contractors to choose from and the question remains how to choose the best one for the job. One way is to ask for recommendations from friends and family members who may know of someone to hire to do the job. Another is to acquire a list of contractors in the area and contact a few of them, speak with them about your needs and see which one seems to be the best.

When selecting a contractor, it is also crucial to determine if your insurance company requires you to use an “approved contractor”. Depending on a few different factors such as state of residence, an insurance company, and policy requirements, your insurance company may prefer you to work with a contractor that they have an established working relationship.

Time Is an Important Issue

An additional concept to consider when having fire and smoke damage repair completed relates to time. It is not only important to consider how long it will take for the contractor to complete the job but also how long it will be until the repairs can begin. Time is of the essence when it comes to fire and smoke damage repair as the longer the soot and ash sit within the structure and on interior items, the harder it is to remedy the situation. Therefore, the sooner the contractor can begin the job, the better it is in the end.

As for job completion, this too is an important factor as the homeowner or business owner needs to get back into their structure as quickly as possible. The entire time that it takes for the fire and smoke damage repair operations to take place, the homeowner is paying for a place to stay or the business owner is losing money due to the inability to do business. With that said, job completion must be done in a quick and efficient manner in order to save the affected individual money in the long run.

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