Crypto Web and Customise the Software

Crypto Web and Customise the Software

Cryptoweb creates customized software, made exclusively on the basis of the customer’s needs, and the specific characteristics of his company or business. On the market there are many pre-mentioned solutions, but which are often not adaptable to the needs of your company, or do not fully satisfy its particular needs.

We at Cryptoweb know this, and for this reason, we listen and study well the needs of our customers, in order to always provide a product that is 100% suitable for the purpose. Crptoweb also creates websites, in various possible types, static, dynamic, and animated.

Static sites (HTML)

Static websites are created using the HTML code, and are the ideal solution, in case you want to have your own window on the internet world, through which to display your offer of products and services, using your site, like a real one. own showcase on the web. Static sites also allow better indexing on search engines and high flexibility with regard to the integration of more advanced and serverside technologies, such as databases and e-commerce. Criptoweb deals with the creation of static sites, both as regards the technical aspect, HTML code, and the graphic aspect, following the accessibility and usability criteria dictated by the w3c standards. Our websites are always tailor-made for individual customers, looking for solutions that best guarantee easy navigability, clarity of the site, and above all the communicative effectiveness of the site itself, in relation to the activity promoted by the site. as well as the target that the site aims to reach. We are in fact convinced that a website should not only be beautiful to look at, but also useful for achieving the chosen objectives.

Dynamic sites

When we talk about dynamic websites, we refer to those sites that allow greater interaction with the user, as well as the creation of one or more internal databases. Cryptoweb creates dynamic internet sites, with different programming software such as PHP, asp, ajax.

We also create dynamic websites with a CMS management system (content management system), i.e. sites that can be easily managed, using special software, which allow the customer to perform all the desired updates on the site, in full autonomy, even in the absence of knowledge. programming techniques.

Even in the creation of dynamic websites, we look above all to the needs of the customer, to the objectives they intend to pursue, and to the target they want to address, taking care to provide a product that is at the same time easy to use and with attractive graphics.

We also create, on request, simple graphic templates with adaptation to CMS systems, and we perform restyling of existing websites.

Animated sites

Criptoweb is also able to create animated websites, ie those sites that contain animated images, or particular sound effects, created thanks to the use of Adobe Flash software. This allows for an attractive graphic design that will have a strong impact on the visitor and particularly appropriate for the promotion of those products and services where a visual or sensory impact is essential. It is also possible to make these animations interactive with the user, making the use of the site even more lively

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