Decorating Ideas for Home

Decorating Ideas for Home

Your interior designer may give you 100 home decorating ideas for all rooms in your house kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. He will finish the job and handover a big bill to you. And you are happy – Ah! Now I have got my house designed by an interior decorator. How beautiful my house looks.

Just forget it. Be wise. You can do it yourself with little research on the latest designs, colours, paints, trends, etc. By doing little research on home décor, you will be able to learn the basics of decorating. Very soon you will learn ideas to decorate your house room by room. You will realize that not all home decorating ideas require big investment money. It can be done much cheap than what you paid to your interior designer for all the décor and furnishing. This way you not only save money but also get complete satisfaction from the results of your own hard work.

Here are some easy but very effective home improvement and decorating ideas. Use them. Your house will look beautifully designed, furnished, and finished.

Ideas to Paint the Interior Walls and Ceiling

Give faux finish to your walls. Faux paint with fantasy finishes offers a Decorate Home with Right Paint a wonderful array of options to suit any decorating project you plan. Consult the hardware store for faux finishes and decorative painting techniques. With Faux finishes you can easily create the illusion of natural materials such as wood, marble, and granite or fantasy finishes like sponging, rag rolling, or dragging. Paint the ceiling with a different matching but light colour. Doesn’t this sound like an adventure? Go get the adventure.

Decorating Home with Pictures and Mirrors

Once the wall painting is done, it is time to hang some pictures, wall hangings and mirrors. Put some pictures that you like. Choose standard sizes – Neither too big nor too small. Select pictures that you like. You are decorating your own house for yourself. Others will like the decoration only when you like it. Get simple but stylish and trendy frames. Make a diagram of a rough sheet of white paper before you hang the pictures. Try different orders if you are thinking to put 2 or 3 or even 4 pictures in one place. Make diagram – Horizontal, vertical, diagonal triangle and see which ones look best.

Fix the pictures only when you are fully satisfied. Similarly, hang the mirror at the place that you need the most. It would be best if you place the mirror at a place from where it can get the reflection of something that you like the most. For e.g. the view of the garden from the window. Imagine you are watching TV sitting on the sofa and at the same also getting the view of the garden from one angle of the mirror. Does this sound interesting? Try it.

Furnishing Tips and Ideas away. Give your time. Give some thinking. Develop ideas on how you can make your small rooms look larger and utilize the space wisely. Think about various layouts. This is your house. You are going to stay in the house and you are the best person to decide which furniture to place where. Think about rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, and master bedrooms. While doing all this you should think about whether you have a child-safe home and even a pet-safe home. Pull your furniture away from the walls. Place your furniture in intriguing positions. Utilize the corners.

In case you have a small space, you can put a sofa cum bed or a day bed. Make Storage cabinets on the walls. Big is always not good. A side table with flowers by the side of the sofa always adds to the beauty. Use flower pots by the side of your furniture. Flowers will always add to the beauty and decoration.

Use Pillows and Lamps for Home Decoration

Beautiful Pillows and lamps will add texture to the rooms. They are an integral part of the makeover. Use decorative pillows on the sofa and the chairs.

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