Network Marketing Success Be Receptive

Network Marketing Success Be Receptive

Be receptive is the second of the nine characteristics of network marketing’s top achievers cited by Rod Nichols’ (1995),. Network marketers come from many backgrounds, professions,  and various levels of education. The one thing that successful network marketers have in common is that they are receptive. Receptive to what you may be thinking. They are receptive to the following:

learning new things

working in a different kind of business organization

the principle of duplication

personal development

Learning new things

To be a top network marketer one must be receptive to learning new things. Keep it simple, top network marketers do not complicate their businesses. The job is to sell and use your company’s produces and/or services and teach others to do the same. However, many network marketers come from complicated high-tech professions and make their network marketing business too complicated, because they are accustom to complicated problems.

Sometimes those who come into a network marketing company with no sales experience do better than those with years of selling experience. Those with lots of selling experience have a hard time understanding network marketing’s simplicity. Therefore, to be a top network marketing achiever one must be receptive to learning a new paradigm.

Working in a different kind of business organization

As a network marketer, one must be receptive to the idea of helping others get what they want, which in return helps the network marketer reach his or her goals. For example, you get three new business associates and you help them each get three new business associates. You are helping three people get what they want and in return helping yourself.

It does not benefit one to keep trade secrets. This can be a very different experience for those new to network marketing. One is glad to help one’s downline. One wants one’s downline to know all they know because the more success one’s downline experiences the more money one earns. Top network marketers must be receptive to the idea of a teaching and learning organization.

The Principle of Duplication

Duplication is what one would refer to as the number one best practice of network marketing. Top network marketing achievers are duplicatable. When a person is looking at the network marketer making a presentation and looking at the business, he or she is also looking at how one does the business. They are thinking, can I do this? That is why one must be duplicatable. The prospect must be able to envision herself or himself doing what the network marketer is doing (Yarnell & Yarnell, 1998).

Top network marketing achievers make it look like anyone can do it. The truth is top network marketer is not just making it look simple, it is simple. The hard part is getting one’s emotions out of the way. One must remember the Q-TIP, Quit Taking It Personal. When someone says no to the opportunity it is not personal. Personal Development

Top network marketing achievers develop their businesses by developing themselves. They read books about success, they listen to tapes, attend seminars, and listen to training conference calls. Many top network marketing achievers will admit that personal development is of major importance to their business.

Top network marketing achievers must be receptive to a new way of living. Therefore, network marketer:

Be a life-long learner

Be part of a learning and teaching organization

Duplicate and be duplicatable

Develop yourself to be all you can be

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