Pure Life Development of Atenas

Pure Life Development of Atenas

Hello everyone.  We at Pure Life Development of Atenas just wanted to remind you that Saturday, April 9th we are hosting a LIFE COACHING WORKSHOP at EL CAPITAL INN in St. Eulalia, from 9-5, lunch and coffee included.  Please review the attached flyer.  I have copied the text below in case you have trouble viewing the flyer.  WE HOPE TO SEE YOU there with us, CREATING YOUR BEST LIFE. WHO AM I?

Human beings are distinct from other species; while other species on the planet, to varying degrees, are compelled to live in a world of fate, humans have the choice of living in a world of possibility.  In our coach training on the 9th of April, you and others will become aware of what is possible for you. Experiential learning about abundance, responsibility, the power of choice, and WHO AM I IN THIS WORLD. Enjoy us on this incredible journey, have fun, learn about yourself, discover and create awareness about:

The beliefs and new perspectives regarding abundance in your life. What does being responsible really mean Is saying YES as good as NO? What is it that the world needs from me? The agribusiness model continually evolves towards a model of information flow and management of technological tools that facilitate the meeting between supply and demand.

Every day the agribusiness world is globalizing rapidly, resulting in new challenges for agribusinesses, which focus on managing the information demanded by the market to incline the purchase decision on a good or service.

Due to the need to inform the market about the activities carried out in the agricultural and agroindustrial sector of Costa Rica, the technological platform is established.

This platform seeks to support, promote and accompany medium and small agribusinesses in the commercialization and insertion processes of their target market. In addition, keep professionals and individuals informed of Agro de Costa Rica activities, through personalized profiles that project the dynamics and rationale of each Agro-company member of the virtual platform.
We invite you to be part of this agribusiness platform and form an agribusiness community for the benefit of the Agricultural and Agroindustrial activities of Costa Rica.

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