Renewable Energy Technology for Metal and Steel Buildings

Renewable Energy Technology for Metal and Steel Buildings

Branding metal and steel buildings as “environment-friendly” structures is not just another marketing scheme meant to mislead and attract eco-conscious consumers into buying their own metal and steel buildings. In fact, there are several reasons why metal and steel buildings are considered pro-planet.

For one, metal and steel buildings are made of 100% recyclable material. This is basically because the material out of which the structures are made of can be re-processed and re-used without any losses. This means that old – maybe standing 30 years or longer – metal and steel buildings can be disassembled and the material will be cleaned, melted, and fabricated again, ready to be built into another metal and steel building. You might end up using the same material if you’re planning to rebuild!

But this, of course, is not the sole reason. Over recent years, renewable energy technologies have been developed for metal and steel buildings. Environment-conscious buyers are free to choose from wind turbines, solar panels, variations of these and some latest geothermal systems. The addition of one or more of these technologies will give the metal and steel building renewable power sources.

However, there is one catch – the initial investment for these systems in metal and steel buildings is rather high. But since the addition of these technologies will ensure that you cut up on energy costs, installing on one or more of these systems today will simply offset the initial investment in the long run. Besides this is one way of helping the rest of the planet cope with the increasingly unpleasant state of the environment.

Wind turbines and solar panels are the most popular technologies in the market, not to mention the easiest to access. Installing wind turbines in metal and steel buildings are relatively cheaper than solar panels but the price difference also depends on how much power you mean to generate.

Solar panels are easier to install and manage as compared to wind turbines. Solar panels are ideal for residential metal and steel buildings. This renewable energy source is commonly used for powering electric appliances or at other times, if the generation is enough, providing electricity for an entire home or office. The number and size of solar panels, of course, determines how much power the system can produce. The amount of power, on the other hand, is yours to determine. You might as well research on metal and steel buildings that have been using this technology to have an idea as to how much power you want or need.

Wind turbines are also popular, having the same basic advantages as solar panels. However,  there are a few disadvantages that lead buyers to prefer adding solar panels to their metal and steel buildings instead. One of the most prominent reasons is that wind power is rather unreliable. Wind strength is inconsistent and hence, the power produced by wind turbines is relatively lower than that of solar panels or other geothermal alternatives.

Moreover, metal and steel buildings with wind turbines are said to cause quite a disturbance with the noise the turbines produce as their motors operate at the same time. Wind turbines are mostly recommended for metal and steel buildings in regions with low wind strength variation and vast land areas.

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