Web Business Ideas That Work

Web Business Ideas That Work

Web business ideas are home businesses you can do online without creating your own website. These are real work from home business ideas Although you may want to build a website at some point, you can start without one.


The first of two great web business ideas I think one should consider is blogging. Now, unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard the word blog, even though you may not know exactly how to make money with a blog. Blogging is a way of publishing content to the Internet. A blog is a website that contains content. The author of the content on a blog is a blogger.
A blog is different from other websites in the following ways:
• Blogs are updated more often than traditional websites. Sometimes one needs to update a blog multiple times a day.
• Just like other websites, one read a blog in a web browser. However, one can syndicate a blog via a “feed”. This is a way of allowing people the choice of reading the latest post to one’s blog without going to a website.
• In addition, a blog has a conversational feel, and this creates a sense of community.

To Get Started

The first thing one must do is choose a niche. Something one just loves to talk about and others on the internet will find interesting. If you cannot think of anything right now, please know that finding a niche is a process.

The next thing is to set up your blog on one of the free blogging platforms, such as blogger.com or wordpress.com. I have personal experience with blogger.com. It only takes a few minutes, and it is free. My blog only took minutes to set up. After blogging for some time I applied to Google Adsense. There are rules for applying to Google Adsense, and they change without notice, so one must read the requirements before applying.

The advantages of blogging are that one can start with little or no money, and if one finds an interesting niche one loves to write about one is in business. The disadvantage is that blogging is labour-intensive. One must post interesting content every day and in some cases more than once a day. Sometimes it is better to build a theme-based website, than to blog. Read the article; Should You Build a Website? Read before you start blogging and then decide. It is hard work and very few people get rich blogging, but it is a good way to supplement one’s income if you have the time.

Another of the great web business ideas is E-Bay. Again, I know you have heard of E.bay. Maybe you have bought a few things, and even sold a few things on E-bay, but you have never considered it as a business. Well, consider eBay as one of your web business ideas. E-bay can start out as a good part-time home business and later turn into a full-time home business. I personally know individuals who part-time businesses. One friend’s husband started an eBay business to pay for their daughter’s apartment and other expenses while she was in college. Another friend started E-bay part-time to pay off her credit cards and now the debt is gone and she still has her E-bay Business to buy anything she wants.
Of course, I have to remind you it is work. It takes time and effort. To get started you must do the following:

  • Setup your E-bay account
  • Open a PayPal Account (Over 75 per cent of E-bay users register with PayPal)
    • Gain Experience by bidding on and winning several bids so you know how the process works. the bay is not a get-rich endeavour but is one of the good online business ideas and you can start without creating your own website and make good money. However, you may want to build your own website and not be eBay dependant. If you build your own website, you could:
    1. Own your traffic
    2. Diversity your offerings

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