Assessing a Hair Growth Product

Assessing a Hair Growth Product

There are a few different options for people wanting hair growth products. If there are no hereditary problems with baldness or hair thinning, and your hair is just looking poorly due to inadequate nutrition, then hair vitamins would be the best option.

However, for those who do not have heredity on their side, hair growth vitamins might not be enough. There are a couple of traditional pharmaceutical hair growth products – Rogaine and Propecia, which have been used successfully by many to restore the length of their hair.

These tend to work by dilating, or expanding, the blood vessels in the scalp, and near the hair follicle. Thus more oxygen, and perhaps nutrients, are able to reach the hair follicle and stimulate growth. Like all pharmaceutical products, they do however tend to have side effects.

Rogaine, for example, is based on minoxidil, a blood pressure drug. So if you don’t have problems with your blood pressure, it could lower it. This can lead to dizziness, swollen ankles and feet, and it can cause kidney stones. And some people just prefer not to take medication if there are other alternatives for their hair. Rogaine is suitable for both men’s hair and women’s hair, although Propecia is used only for men.

An alternative approach to treat abnormal hair loss, and promote healthy hair growth, is using a high-grade scalp cleanser to remove the dried up oil that blocks follicles. When there are viable hair follicles, the hair will regrow once the clogged hair pores are cleared. Clogged follicles can be a factor in slow hair regrowth, and excessive breakage, or thinning of hair. For more information on this, click here.

Regular shampoos only clean the hair, not the scalp. Styling products, conditioners, or just our own body’s production of hormones and oils can lead to a build-up of hardened sebum that blocks or inhibits hair growth. Try this simple but highly effective hair growth product now.

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