Emerging Field of Character Education

Emerging Field of Character Education

In the emerging field of Character Education, a group of select resources stands out as examples of excellence. These resources are now available as part of The Character Education Series from Dr Phillip Fitch Vincent, the cornerstone of Character Development Group and Character Development Publishing. A collection of books, videos, workshops, and keynote speeches by Dr Vincent or endorsed by him, this series seeks to further the knowledge and practice of Character Education across the country. Elements of The Character Education Series from Dr Phillip Fitch Vincent

BOOKS AND VIDEOS Character Development Publishing is proud to offer some of the best materials in the field. Visit our RESOURCES page to view the latest titles from Character Development Publishing as well as titles recommended by Dr Vincent. You will also find the highly acclaimed video of Dr Vincent’s workshop on Rules and Procedures.

WORKSHOPS Dr Phillip Fitch Vincent has presented over 500 workshops in more than 25 states around the country. He has proven himself to be one of the leading practitioners in the field of Character Education. His workshops focus on the five “spokes” of educating for the character: Rules and Procedures; Cooperative Learning; Quality Literature; Teaching for Thinking; and Service Learning. His message is perfect for educators, administrators, counsellors, parents, and the community at large.

KEYNOTE SPEECHES Dr Vincent offers businesses, organizations, schools, and conferences an opportunity to get a taste of what Character Education is all about. How does a community get involved? Why should businesses support Character Education in schools? How can you bring Character Education to your school system? His inspirational speaking will get your group motivated to help create change.

“an excellent resource for teachers, parents and community members who want a sound foundation for building a character education effort in their community.” Executive Director, MVP Foundation With his dedication and experience, Dr Phillip Fitch Vincent offers the best of the best in Character Education. The Character Education Series from Dr Phillip Fitch Vincent is a compilation of the resources that are must-haves for every community. Visit our RESOURCES, WORKSHOPS, and KEYNOTES, pages for information on ordering books and videos, or to bring Dr Vincent to your town.

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