Workshop on Character Education

Workshop on Character Education

“This was the best workshop I have ever participated in.” Angie Llewellyn, teacher, Pensacola, FLWorkshops that Help Schools Workby cultivating Respect, Responsibility, and Caring in the Classroom. by enabling students to include character on their diplomas when they graduate into the adult working world. by helping teachers feel fulfilled by the work they have chosen!

Character Education Workshops help schools foster civility in a practical, “do-able” manner. States across the country are mandating character education without giving much thought to how schools should teach character. Dr Vincent focuses on the “how” as well as the why. And as thousands of educators have discovered, Dr Vincent is an inspired presenter with real-world experience and practical suggestions for your school as it implements a successful character program.

As a regular presenter at state and national conferences, Dr Vincent has a proven record of introducing educators and communities to his common-sense approach to character education. He shows them how to: develop character in students without the use of add-on curriculum recognize the importance of consistent rules and procedures develop a multiyear plan that involves parents, students, teachers and the community get results in any learning environment.“This was one of the best…if not the best! I felt filled with emotion enthusiasm, love, hope. Everything was practical, interesting, and the pace kept me right on target.” Annette Gibson, workshop attendee, Cooperating School Districts National Character Education Conference, In addition, the character Development Group offers these workshop opportunities:

Experienced educators in character share their knowledge: Character Education for Secondary Schools Charlie Abourjilie, teacher, administrator, coach, and author on civility in high schools.

Character Education at Work in the Community Character education director Nancy Reed, from Hamilton County, TN, outlines the hands-on process of implementing a community-wide program of school-based character education. Regional workshops in your area. See our workshop schedule, or find out more about attending or sponsoring a local workshop.

Dr Vincent often encourages groups and schools located close to each one another to join forces through multi-school workshops. He is comfortable in working groups from 10 to 100+ participants. Learn more about Dr Vincent.

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