Education Is More Than the MCAS Scores

Education Is More Than the MCAS Scores

If there were an exam dedicated to music, the students of Turkey Hill Middle School in Lunenburg, Massachusetts would have achieved a perfect score based on their performance this evening. Under the direction of, the 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade bands and chorus played together for the very first time this evening. В It was not the В or theВ, but it was a group of kids and a teacher who clearly enjoyed the evening!. В The packed house at laughed and clapped their way through the evening displaying pride in the children of our smallВ community.

So why was this evening so successful? В What is Mr A teaching exactly? В Some would say he teaches music. В Based on the results this evening and the stories I hear from my daughter, I believe he is educating our children in areas well beyond the notes and instruments.

Here is what I think the children are getting from Mr A’s approach:

Confidence: the auditorium was completely packed with parents, friends and siblings this evening. В Despite this, Mr A clearly instilled the confidence in the performers necessary to put themselves out there.

An ability to come together to do something special: В Mr Archambault pointed out the fact that the students had never actually practised together prior to this evening. В Despite this, the children came together and played their parts with a few little bumps in the road. Think about how this prepares our children for life in the real world!

Humour: The conductor took us through the journey the students have been on for the first half of the year starting with day one. В The band played a loud group of notes which resembled nothing but noise….the parents laughed. В Mr A laughed and the students laughed at themselves. В The kids learned it is ok to make mistakes and have a laugh at yourself once in a while.

Technology: Mr A incorporates technology whenever he can to help them. В This was not as evident during the evening but my daughter will frequently come home to share a new “cool” thing she learned on the MAC. В These “cool” things are always related to the topic. В The students learn about music and how to use technology without even realizing it!
Storytelling: В Mr A took us through a journey of how his students/our children went from making noise to playing ‘s “.

Oh,….yeah…music: В I almost forgot. В The children actually sang and played songs on their instruments! В That was a nice bonus.

As I think about the fact that we removed music from our primary school last year to help with the budget gap, I find myself thinking what a supremely bad idea that was. В As we move into the budget process for next year, we need to find a way to bring back to our primary school, not for my last bullet point but rather to provide children with the opportunity to grow in ways that will prepare them for life beyond the walls of the Lunenburg Public Schools.

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