Transparency in Banking and Finance

Transparency in Banking and Finance

The rapid growth in Islamic finance activities in recent years has led to an increasing demand for qualified personnel. Tan Su Lin reports on the availability and quality of courses worldwide more

Commodity-linked investment

The Shariah-compliant commodity-linked and structured product market are increasingly presenting more comprehensive offerings. David Kemp focuses on the latest developments more

Unlocking French banking code

France must remove restrictions on foreign banks if it wants to share in the expansion of Islamic banking and protect its markets, says Fahmy Saddy. Sooner or later, there will be a tide of change more On the crossroads of Shariah compliance.

Shariah scholars have arrived at the minimum criteria to provide investors with a wide choice of compliant equities. MH Khatkhatay and Shariq Nisar assess the norms set by three organisations more expansion is only the beginning Demands for portfolio diversification have led to greater private equity opportunities for Islamic financial institutions and investors. Robert Varley looks at the benefits and possibilities more. An interest-free commodity currency.

Most modern money exists as the balance sheet counterpart to the interest-bearing loans of commercial banking. Tarek El Diwani discusses why the underpinning of paper currency is so precarious and proposes a less volatile interest-free alternative more Why London is so influential.
London has been involved with Islamic finance for more than 30 years. Professor Rodney Wilson examines its role and suggests how its standing could be enhanced to curry even more favour in the years ahead more. Expanding the ethical frontier.

While the debate continues to rage over preserving the environment, Tan Su Lin asks how Islamic banks should be responding more. Transparency in banking.

Islamic banking may be growing steeply but it is still hindered by opaque pricing and structuring that need resolving, writes Fahmy Saddy PhD more. Anatomy of a £1bn Sukuk programme.

A US $1bn Sukuk certificate issuance programme was structured by global law firm Dechert. Abroad at Kamalpour reports more. World-clas rules of engagement. Islamic banking is distinguished by the root of its first world. But Naseem Javed argues there is little to differentiate the images of banks in their efforts to reach out to Muslims across the world more. Rating Islamic securitisation.

The Tamweel PJSC deal, backed by lease receivables, has become the highest-rated Sukuk. Exactly how do the principles of securitisation affect credit ratings in Islamic finance, asks Khalid Howladar more?

India poised to blossom in the fertile business climate
India’s stock exchanges are teeming with halal companies, and its booming business and growing population are fertile ground for it to blossom into one of the world’s two largest economies by 2050, writes Zafar Sareshwala more

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