Financial Aid From Government

Financial Aid From Government

With the economy in such turmoil, everyone is asking the government for help and another addition to this list is Chrysler LLC. With the firm urging its dealers to ask the Treasury Secretary to give more aid to the company, it is evident that Chrysler LLC needs the government’s support to function. With already $4 billion as federal loans in its kitty, the company wants $5 billion by March-end but unfortunately for the firm, there have been no signs regarding the grant of request from the Treasury.

It seems Chrysler really requires the aid, as since last week it has increased its appeals for it. Robert Nardelli, Chief Executive of the firm, has said in many interviews that the company can manage on its own, not requiring the alliance with Italy’s Fiat SpA, if it gets more government loans.

Chrylser LLC is taking every step possible to get the grant. It is reported that the firm sent a sample letter that it wants the 3200 dealers to send to the Treasury asking for aid. Another way Chrysler is using to save itself is through a possible alliance with Fiat which is supposed to provide small cars and engines which Chrysler can build and sell in the US. In return, Fiat will have 35% ownership of Chrysler.

European Union’s case that it filed in January 2009, against Microsoft has got another supporter in form of Google. Google has confirmed that it wishes to join the EU in the antitrust case against Microsoft regarding Internet Explorer, the famous web browser of Microsoft.

The case filed by the EU in January has accused Microsoft of killing competition when it comes to browsers by putting Windows and Internet Explorer together. EU filed the case after a formal complaint from Opera, another web browser developer. Mozilla which makes the famous Firefox browser also joined the case against Microsoft.Google believes that the fact that IE is coupled with the Microsoft Operating System Windows which dominates the market, gives IE an unfair advantage. This causes innovation for users to be held back.

This isn’t the first time that Google has been a part of an antitrust claim against Microsoft. Google earlier went against Microsoft in 2006 complaining that Microsoft is driving users to its search service unfairly using IE. Google also went against Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo in 2008 which later fell apart

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